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FT Weekend: Hidden Cities

What is Hidden Cities? FT Weekend Hidden Cities uses our extensive global network of FT reporters to show you the places to drink, dine and explore the most influential cities across the globe, taking you [...]

27 August, 2016|0 Comments

The Modern Games

26 August, 2016|

As the Rio Games begin, The New York Times transports you to some of the iconic Olympic moments, from Babe Didrikson's paradigm-shifting victories in 1932 to the nearly superhuman feats of gold medalists like Bob [...]

Learn how NOT to shoot in 360

25 August, 2016|

Curious about shooting 360-degrees? Producing videos in 360-degrees can be a little challenging, but knowing what not to do can be a useful place to start. Learn something usefull with Tom from YouTube Creator Academy.

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Review: ColorCross

Today I will test for you ColorCross Goggles, manufactured in China. Goggles are fairly similar to Homido ones, but their price is considerably lower… are they worth buying? Let’s find out.    VR ColorCross is [...]

21 June, 2016|3 Comments
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