How did it start?

Many times we have seen some information about Google Cardboard we didn’t delve into the cardboard idea. Accidentally, cardboard box came to our hands – and it changed our lives 😀. We understood that we want to participate in it and to be close to this product. It gives many possibilities and causes smiles on our faces.

…simple and cheap cardboard – that’s how it looks like and how it really is.

We thought that we can make a good-looking product of high quality cardboard and add a few details and just give people such a product – this idea warmed our hearts and in this way we created happyVR. We want to support this idea, promote and develop it. For us happyVR is not a business but a hobby and a great fun, and we will keep to it.

Our work.

Beyond promoting happyVR, we are also working on mobile applications related to Virtual Reality and applications of the practical use which facilitate daily life. We do our best to make products which give everyone a lot of fun and help in everyday life.


We don’t want to do everythink… we do what we believe to be good for people.