Cardboard Camera – 360° photos with sound

Cardboard Camera i san application, which enables to transform your smartphone into virtual reality camera. It means that with the help of this app you will be able to create 360° 3D panoramas and even record sounds of photographed scene. Sounds incredible? See how it works. From now on every Android user may take 360° panoramic [...]

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Link your PC with VR goggles

TrinusVR transmits / streaming picture from the PC to mobile devices (at this moment it is available only for Android), and information about the location of our head from your smartphone to the PC. Thanks to that, we have the ability to play your favorite games on the PC in the Virtual Reality. Linking mobile [...]

Check if your smartphone works in the virtual reality

Users of kits like Cardboard Google (which work with smartphones) often have difficulties in identifying the compatibility of their mobiles with the technology of virtual reality. If we want to enter into virtual reality with a kit composed of goggles and a smartphone, we have to pay attention to some details. First of all, our [...]

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