Review: ColorCross

Today I will test for you ColorCross Goggles, manufactured in China. Goggles are fairly similar to Homido ones, but their price is considerably lower… are they worth buying? Let’s find out.    VR ColorCross is the cheapest set of plastic goggles available on the market. ColorCross Goggles have been made from light-weight artificial materials. The [...]

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Review: bluetooth joystick

Virtual Reality applications can be controlled in both ways: either by using the button placed on VR goggles or by gamepad/controller communicating with our smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The latter is far more comfortable and increases the range of possibilities. Cardboard buttons The first way to control the „action” in VR application is the button [...]

Review: Homido

Homido is one of the most popular world’s manufactures of VR headsets. Homido Goggles are generally viewed as high quality equipment… But is this really true? Are they really that good? We will examine them thoroughly and provide our own, unbiased review. Homido Virtual Reality headsets are made from plastic. It is hard to say [...]

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Review: BoboVR Z4

As you are probably aware, my latest experience with Bobo VR was not entirely positive. Bobo VR Z3 Virtual Reality Polarized Glasses, which I had been testing a while ago, happen to be one of the worst VR products I have ever used. Did the company learn their lessons and the new Z4 VR headset [...]

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Review: Ling VR 1S

Chinese Ling VR goggles are praised by many people. I do not understand such positive reviews of this product, because it is impossible to use the goggles. We tested a model Ling VR 1S which means that it is an improved version of the first model.   The virtual reality goggles LingVR are an equipment [...]

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Review: Baofeng IV 4

The virtual reality goggles Baofeng IV came to our hands. A Chinese brand boasts that they are the best goggles on the market. We decided to check it personally in practice and give our own opinion about this equipment. I reveal that the reality won’t be so colorful.   VR goggles Baofeng IV are an [...]

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Review: Vrizzmo Volt Mk2

The idea of Vrizzmo was created before the world heard about Google Cardboard. That means that the brand is the first manufacturer of goggles for mobile VR in Poland and one of the first in the world. Did a huge experience help in creating a great product? We start the test.   Vrizzmo’s beginnings are [...]

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Review: VR Cups

VRCups are a very interesting gadget of the virtual reality. After affixing it to the screen of our phone it creates a kit of the virtual reality. They are undoubtedly the most unusual VR goggles I have ever tested.   The majority of my reviews are begun by the words "virtual reality goggles...". Although in [...]

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Review: McDonald’s Happy Goggles

In March, the Swedish branch of McDonald's introduced 3500 pieces of cardboard Happy Virtual Reality Goggles. One piece came to our editorial office, where we tested it for our readers with an indescribable pleasure.   Recently, we hear more and more about the various companies provide different campaigns  associated with VR technology. The Swedish McDonald's [...]

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Review: FiiT VR

Chinese Fit VR headset is a product made from durable and resistant artificial material (plastic). The construction of virtual reality goggles is very similar to the Samsung Gear VR. The applied optics is good and the goggles are comfortable, handy and light.   Recently, there have appeared several reviews of VR goggles. We decided to [...]

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Review: Mini gamepad Bluetooth

Mini gamepad bluetooth In general, this controller has very similar functions as PAD Bluetooth which was described recently. This one is much smaller than joystick mentioned before. It has 6 buttons. In comparison to previously tested PAD Bluetooth, this model lacks of 2 upper buttons, which are used in VR mode, but because of the [...]

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Review: VR BOX II

At the first glance BOX VR glasses look great. Very good quality plastic, large and adjustable lenses and soft sponge, which makes using the goggles quite comfortable. Unfortunately, these glasses are not without drawbacks. They have disadvantages so important that I can not recommend them to anyone. It’s sad, because it was close to a [...]

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Review: VR Fold

Glasses VR Fold are one of the most interesting plastic goggles for virtual reality in reasonable price, which I had a chance to test. An interesting idea for a minimalistic, collapsible construction. A solid construction, light weight and futuristic design make this product a very cool gadget that can take with you everywhere.   Tested [...]

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Review: Bobo VR Z3

Chinese goggles (headset) for the virtual reality of a rather strange name BOBO VR ia an equipment made of plastic. In general, I don’t do it at the beginning of the review but if you opened this post to learn only whether it is worth buying the goggles, I’ll spare your time ... no, definitely [...]

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Review: SHINECON VR / Goclever Elysium VR

Goggles (Headset) for virtual reality VR Goclever Elysium are a very popular product. The construction of the goggles is a copy of the Chinese SHINECON VR – they are exactly the same products but under different names. Goggles look decently and they are made of plastic. Unfortunately, the optics are poor, and goggles are really [...]

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