In order for VR materials to be displayed properly by your VR headset, you have to finish calibration of your smartphone and your goggles. It should be done with the use of Cardboard app and special QR code which includes all necessary information (such as distance between lens, distance between lenses and the screen, lens distortion and so on). If you decide go on without the code, the vision may be distorted, blurred or you may experience something which is called cross-eye effect.  To cut the long story short, let’s just say that your VR experience may be far from what you should expect 😉

Install Cardboard App

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard
Developer: Google, Inc.
Price: Free

Launch the application and click on Settings button (sprocket wheel)

ustawienia w aplikacji cardboard

Choose the option CHANGE GOGGLES

zmiania konfiguracji smartfona pod inne gogle

Scan QR code which is dedicated for your goggles (eg. FiiT VR)

skanowanie kodu QR gogli VR

From now on all VR applications will be configured properly and adjusted in a way that enables proper functioning using your VR googles.

Below you may find the list of VR goggles with QR codes for their calibration.


gogle Fiit z qr kodem


happyVR QR

DaVinci VR

DaVinciVR QR


Weebo3D QR

BoboVR Z4

Bobo Z4 QR

Google Cardboard v 1.0

cardboard 1.0 qr code

Google Cardboard v 2.0

cardboard 20 qr code


ColorCross QR

Below you can find some reviews of recommended VR goggles 🙂