Cardboard Camera i san application, which enables to transform your smartphone into virtual reality camera. It means that with the help of this app you will be able to create 360° 3D panoramas and even record sounds of photographed scene. Sounds incredible? See how it works.

From now on every Android user may take 360° panoramic pictures, adjusted to being displayed in Cardboard mode, which enables to view them in virtual reality. To fully enjoy the new function of your smartphone you just need to install the new application from Google Play and take a photo using this app. Cardboard Camera is really simple when it comes to interface. The whole procedure is similar to taking classic panoramas, however you should hold your phone vertically. It seems to me, that the camera needs to be hold steady and there is no place for deviating too far from photo line. If you move your hand too quickly or you will rotate too fast, unfortunately your photo will come out badly and you will have to repeat the whole procedure. Anyway, although the photo must be taken with greater attention, it is not complicated and for sure everyone can do it.

cardboard camera on smarphone

Like I have mentioned before, you will have to install the app, so let’s start from this 😉

Aparat Cardboard
Aparat Cardboard
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Next step. Here you can lock camera exposure or decide if you want to record sounds while taking the photo.

screen camera cardboard

Now you can go on to taking the photo itself. Click on the camera icon, which launches the camera and enables to see the vision on the screen of your smartphone. At the bottom part of the screen you will find three icons: „X” – means going back to previous menu, by clicking on orange circle you will start taking the photograph and the „line” to the right enables or disables microphone (sound recording).

screen camera cardboard 2

The tips on the screen will help you to take a photo in a proper way. The whole procedure of taking 360° photo needs starts with slow clockwise rotation. The status bar shows how much is left to complete the whole panorama. What is more, if you rotate too quickly you will get the instruction “slow down” and if you will not hold your camera steady you will be instructed to hold your camera vertically. Even if given all these instructions the photo will not be taken properly, you will receive such information (check the photo below). In such case, you will have to start the whole procedure again. But remember that with every photo you will master this skill and such information will occur rarely.

try again screen

If you finally took you panoramic photo, now you can watch it in virtual reality goggles. Click the icon of goggles, check if the configuration is right for your headset and now you can enjoy spherical panorama photo which you have just taken.

photos 360 in camera cardboard

The disadvantage of this application is the fact that it does not cover the whole scene, but only a (fairly wide) part of it which can be seen at eye level. The top and the bottom of the picture is blurred.

Despite that, watching such 360° panorama through VR goggles is an amazing experience. If you add sounds recorded while taking the photo you will receive a great material to watch in virtual reality, which engages senses of both sight and hearing.

It is interesting that the picture is 3D photo, which allows you to see depth – by using different angles for right and left eye.


Source: Google Blog