Users of kits like Cardboard Google (which work with smartphones) often have difficulties in identifying the compatibility of their mobiles with the technology of virtual reality.

If we want to enter into virtual reality with a kit composed of goggles and a smartphone, we have to pay attention to some details. First of all, our phone should match to VR glasses with which we want to use it. For example:

goggles happyVR: a display from 4,5″ to 5,5 “; Button: Magnetic

goggles Weebo3D: a display from 4,3″ to 6,5″; Button: Magnetic

goggles Da Vinci VR: a display from 4,5″ to 6″; Button: Capacitive

Matching the dimensions is not everything. Another important aspect is the system in our device. Phones with android system should have installed a version 4.1 (JellyBean) or later. Additionally, our phone must be equipped with appropriate sensors: gyroscope and magnetometer *.

*In virtual reality goggles usually there is used one of the two types of buttons: magnetic or capacitive button. If you want to use the goggles equipped with a magnetic button you should make sure that you have a magnetometer in our phone.

If you don’t know whether your phone has these sensors, you can easily check it by using the appropriate application.

Developer: EZELab
Price: Free

You have to install the EZE VR application and turn it on the device. It is very simple in use. Click CHECK, and the application will check whether the sensors are located in our smartphone, and then it will display a proper information.

Apps to check compatibility with VR Apps to check compatibility with VR gyro Apps to check compatibility with VR gyro magnetic sensor

If you do not have a gyroscope nor a magnetometer (magnetic field sensor), unfortunately, our device won’t display correctly applications which works in virtual reality.

The gyroscope is responsible for analyzing the position of the phone and thanks to it, the image on the screen rotates with movements of our head. Aditionally, the magnetometer can detect and analyze the magnetic field, thus it is possible to use a magnetic key.

In case of lack of the magnetometer we only have to pay attention to if our VR goggles have a capacitive button instead of magnetic one.

If you are sure that your phone will be compatible with VR, you can safely pass to the purchase of suitable goggles. I encourage you to check our reviews section, in which we describe our opinions on different models of VR glasses.