Less than a year after New Horizon has examined Pluto – and to be specific this is the first spacecraft in history which has managed to perform such detailed measurements – a possibility of virtual tour of Pluto has been created.

In July 2015, after nine and a half years of travel, New Horizon has managed to examine 12,500 km (7,800 m) of Pluto’s surface, delivering unbelievable pictures and ground breaking data about this relatively unexplored dwarf planet.

It took less than a year to create virtual tour of Pluto with the use of gathered data. Thanks to it, users have the possibility of discovering unrivalled beauty of Pluto thanks to in-depth interactive 360° video.

New York Times, in cooperation with Universities Space Research Association and Lunar and Planetary Institute, has released video material ‘Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart’, which can be watched on smartphones, computers and – for real enthusiasts of cosmic space – through VR headsets.

A good news is that this is barely a part of collected data. So far, the team of researchers have managed to process only 50% of images and measurements gathered by New Horizon.

Taking into consideration the fact that in October, a new set of data concerning Pluto will be delivered, it is fair to assume that the researchers will discover amazing secrets of this planet for years to come.

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