Our new company b2bVR.eu offers personalized virtual reality goggles. What sets this offer apart from other companies is the possibility to order the goggles with your own logo from 20 pieces.

When creating new goggles, our specialists attached great importance to the quality of the lenses, making sure they are of the finest quality by giving the user the deepest immersion in the world of virtual reality. They managed to create VR goggle lenses with a wide field of view (FOV), and a sharp image over the entire surface of the lens. Thanks to good optics users feel better the experience, which in turn increases the chance of a successful advertising campaign for businesses.

We very often received inquiries on the possibility of purchasing a small number of VR goggles with a private logo, that is why we offer the opportunity to purchase these goggles from 20 pieces. In this case, the logo is placed on the front part of goggles and on the packaging. The company logo printed on the VR goggles is very visible and creates a great complement to the action carried out. Our offer is not only for small businesses, we are also making VR goggles printed over an entire surface, starting from 200 pieces.


The goggles have a unique shape that gives great comfort when holding them in your hands, additionally they have a soft sponge to protect the nose and give extra comfort. This allows you to use goggles for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. The version with the printed logo is done within 5 days. Soon the time will be further reduced, all orders will be executed within 2-3 days. Goggles from b2bVR.eu have a special opening that helps you touch the screen with your finger. As our specialist say:

“We opted for this solution because the magnetic buttons work only with certain phones, the capacitive buttons  tended to be unreliable while the display of the phone has an additional protective glass. On the other hand, the opening provides compatibility with any phone on the market regardless of the phone model and whether its phone display is secured or not. This ensures a successful advertising  campaign without running the risk of having problems with an inoperative key.”


The newest design the “Google cardboard” fits most phones available on the market. It works for phones, up to 6 inches. The VR goggles are folded and delivered to the customer in boxes, a big advantage for companies that want to distribute goggles to  customers using postal services. The goggles fit in an A4 envelope, therefore sending them through mail order is not a problem. In addition, the method of assembling is very easy and fast. The price offer is very attractive, the price includes a folded goggle including printing and free shipping.


In addition, the VR goggles have special securing holes for the headband that can be purchased. The headband is adjusted according to the size of your head and is flexible.

Goggles from b2bVR.eu are very carefully manufactured and personalised. They have been well designed, are easy to fold, convenient to use, have high-quality optics and a well-thought button. We eliminated all the major threats that may affect the promotional campaign. Any company that plans an advertising campaign with the use of virtual reality goggles can be sure that by ordering goggles from b2bVR, will receive a product of the highest quality.