Google Cardboard is probably the fastest and the cheapest way to enjoy the access to virtual reality. To ensure that VR technology is more accessible, Google has decided to make one more step. Back in November, Google updated YouTube platform, to make sure that VR content is available for more users. Thanks to this simple functionality, you may transform the video in two parallel images for right and left eye with just one click. Together with VR goggles, such as Google Cardboard, all materials may be viewed with incredible depth and watching experience will allow to dive into different reality.

Accessibility, but not for everyone

Thanks to this system, VR materials have become accessible to a wider audience, which was a milestone in VR technology. However, there was no functionality that would support VR reality for iOS users. In this way, iPhone users could not watch YouTube VR materials on their smartphones – fortunately this situation has finally changed.

What are the advantages of Google Cardboard support by iOS?

Thanks to Google Cardboard support by iOS, iPhone users may fully enjoy the possibilities created by YouTube for virtual reality. What is more, VR mode is intended not only for specific VR materials, filmed in a way that makes it possible to be displayed in virtual reality, but also for regular videos. Option “Virtual Movie Theater” enables watching such videos in  virtual reality in specially designed space, resembling virtual cinema with the screen floating in the air.

YT 360

To activate Cardboard mode, you have to click on the button placed in right top corner. This gives the user immediate access to option which makes it possible to watch all video materials, creating the impression as if you were in the middle of the video.

Cardboard mode support created by YouTube for iOS users is definitely a huge step towards increased accessibility of VR technology. As Google announces, virtual reality will become a key element of strategy for years to come.