The virtual reality goggles Baofeng IV came to our hands. A Chinese brand boasts that they are the best goggles on the market. We decided to check it personally in practice and give our own opinion about this equipment. I reveal that the reality won’t be so colorful.

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VR goggles Baofeng IV are an equipment made of a good quality plastic. Goggles look very strong, but their weight is quite too high what will be felt during the usage. Before parcel with the goggles appeared in our office, I had looked for some information on the Internet and I read a little about this model. I found a lot of positive reviews, especially concerned on high quality of FoV (a field of view, a horizon of image), but also on an innovative method of montage of goggles on a head. After testing the goggles, I think that they aren’t a tragedy, but they have to cross a long way if they want to become a “super product”.

The construction of Baofeng 4 is quite heavy and it amounts to 400g. This is not a small weight, and certainly it is very important during a long use of the equipment. The advantage of goggles is very easy way of installing the phone. The opening flap is screwed up on hinges and it has a convenient limiter of maximum opening which amounts to approximately 40 °. The flap has two magnets, which solidly support it in the closed position. However, I reckon that the magnets may have a weaker power of the attraction. Due to this, the flap would probably open more gently. However, it doesn’t make a big problem, and at least we are sure that our phone won’t fall out during playing in the VR. Unfortunately, the Baofeng 4 goggles have quite a serious design drawback – a socket for a nose is not properly designed and it is too small. This problem is quite familiar among Chinese VR goggles, and I think that it shouldn’t be neglected, because the pressure on a nose which is caused by hard elements of goggles is really annoying. Sometimes it even causes a pain. This discomfort causes an aversion for a long immersion in the virtual world.

open frame soft stand for smarphone  magnets of framecut out for nose

Convenience of using

The Baofeng IV differentiate from other goggles by the fact that they have a plastic detachable rim instead of bands. We put the rim on our head and clamp it with the knob on the back. This method is certainly innovative, but despite of positive opinions, this solution isn’t convenient nor practical. I would say that this is the worst way of mounting the goggles on a head which I had ever tested. It is very difficult to squeeze the band properly, because it slips and becomes loose. Due to this, the goggles fall on the nose. In case of rapid and violent movements of the head, the headset may fall on the ground. After several unsuccessful attempts to mount the goggles I managed to attach them solidly, but they stayed away from my face for about 1 cm, what causes that they moved up and down and the image was not sharp, because my eyes were too far from lenses.

band regulation band hook hard band inside bands

During the tests I paid quite a lot of attention to the padding which takes care of our comfort. But the case of the Baofeng IV model is different because of an used rubber instead of a padding. The manufacturer could launch be such a solution, because the band on our head doesn’t push the goggles towards our eyes, but it keeps them at a distance from the face. The solution for this model goggles is acceptable.

rubber padding

The goggles doesn’t have a capacitive button, so for your convenience we should consider buying a wireless pad.



In the equipment Baofeng UV there was used large 38 mm adjustable sideways spherical convexo-convex lenses. A small distance of the lenses from the screen of our phone allowed to get quite a wide field of vision, which amounts to 89 °. The full FoV we will reach by using phones with a screen diameter 5.2” at least, what is a really great result in case of the Chinese equipment. Unfortunately, the lenses distort quite heavily the image on the sides. However, this problem is easily eliminated by configuring QR code properly. The larger problem poses the small area of a sharp image in the center of the lenses. The seen image is sharp only in the central point, and on the sides it is heavily blurred. To get the best focus we should be looking exactly through the central point of the lenses, which is not easy to do because the headband doesn’t make the goggles stable on our face.

FOV in Baofeng 4

Summing up

Summing up, the virtual reality goggles Baofeng UV is an equipment made of a good quality plastic. The goggles allow you to easily mount your phone. They also have large adjustable lenses. The VR goggles (instead of rubber bands) have a plastic rim with the clamping knob. Unfortunately the way of installing the goggles on our head is completely impractical and doesn’t fulfill its role. The rim can’t be well squeezed, because it is constantly slipping out of our head and the goggles become loose. The goggles have a design drawback, because the socket for the nose is too small. The whole weight of goggles is placed just on the nose, what causes a discomfort and even a pain. The advantage of these goggles is a very wide field of view (FoV) which amounts to 89 °. Unfortunately, despite acceptable optics, the goggles have a headband and structural defects which prevent us from a proper usage of the equipment. Adding to these problems, the high market price of the equipment, we strongly advise against buying this model of goggles.

lenses regulation Baofeng IV kit Baofeng IV with a smarphone moto x

Product evaluation

  • Comfort of usage
  • Product quality
  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

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