As you are probably aware, my latest experience with Bobo VR was not entirely positive. Bobo VR Z3 Virtual Reality Polarized Glasses, which I had been testing a while ago, happen to be one of the worst VR products I have ever used. Did the company learn their lessons and the new Z4 VR headset will be a positive surprise? Let’s find out…

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BOBOVR Z4 is a new model of Virtual Reality Glasses made from high quality plastic materials. When it comes to design, I must admit that this set looks really amazing. Black and white elements of construction together with silver linings create the impression of much more professional design than those which can be found in older VR headsets. VR helmet weighs 419 g and is equipped with Headphone Integrity Design as well as capacitive button.

weight bottom of the gogles

Z4 has three-way adjustable t-shaped elastic straps joined together with the help of soft leather-like material, which makes wearing goggles completely comfortable. At the top section of your head there is an adjustable strap and plastic disc with the name of the brand inscribed on it. The disc comes with soft and comfortable padding for increasing the stress area of the head. I am not quite sure whether this solution has some practical justification or its function is mainly decorative. Howevr, what I did notice, is the fact that the top strap may be adjusted only when the headset is removed from your head, because velcro fastener is located inside the goggles. Personally, I find this feature really disturbing, it makes it quite difficult to perfectly adjust the set to natural curves your head while not wearing it. The disc is secured with short velcro band, unfortunately I had to turn it upside down so its rigid sides did not hurt my forehead while using. Luckily, it only takes few seconds to make necessary adjustments and be ready to enjoy the increased comfort of this simple solution.

bands connection plastic for forhead way of regulation of top headband change of top headband

Goggles BOBOVR Z4 offer you all the perks of soft and velvety padding, which ensures high comfort of use despite of the fact that the weight of Z4 headset is relatively high. One of the biggest defects of Bobo VR Goggles is tight nose gap, which causes discomfort and aggravate nerve bundles of the face. Fortunately, thick layer of soft padding slightly decreases this effect by minimalizing the impression of discomfort and pressure on your nose. One of the main features of Z4 Goggles is built-in capacitive button, which works extremely well with this model. The button is placed at the bottom side of goggles. After pushing, it activates the movement of a rubber element located on a very part which separates the phone screen from lenses. The capacitive button in my headset works without any disturbance.

padding nose pit in bobo Z4 construction capacitive butto capacitive butto front

Smartphone Installation

Smartphone installation in BOBO VR Z4 goggles is really awesome.  Goggles are fitted with half-transparent opening cover, with a blockade of maximum opening, which constitutes approximately 40°. In order to open the flap you need to press the button located at the top of Z4 headset. Smartphone is firmly secured thanks to the system of special secure button latches adjusted to the width of the smartphone. This solution enables to eliminate the necessity to perform tedious task of screen calibration each time you want to use your goggles. The interior of headset is covered with a layer of micro-rubber contacting with the display of our phone, which ensures effective scratch protection. What is more, the set of four convex rubber elements pushes the phone towards the flap after closing. Additionally, when the flap closes, your phone is secured inside the construction by special handle covered with micro-rubber. After mounting the phone is secure and will not fall out even if you suddenly move your head. The flap is equipped with effective system of pores, keeping the air floating. This solution assures quick heat spread out from the top of headset. My personal opinion is that system of phone insertion is simply brilliant.

how to open front flap button which serve to open the flap flap stand for smartphone phone in Bobo Z4 close flap


What makes BOBOVR Z4 Goggles a truly distinctive VR headset is the fact that they feature built-in Headphone Integrity Design system. For plugging in headphones you need to use the wire which is placed right next to the smartphone in a specially designed space. Bear in mind that the wire is short – it measures merely 6cm, which is completely enough for smartphones which have their headphone slot located at the top of the device, however, this gets quite problematic when the slot is located at the bottom of your phone. In such case, you will have to buy special extender for headphone wires.

audio cable audio cable connected to the phone

Headphones are flexible and thanks to their elastic structure it is possible for them to move in different directions. Headsets ear pads are covered with soft sponge, which adapts really well to ear. Surprisingly, Z4 headset is characterised by prominent sound quality. All high and low tones are well distinguishable. For the time being this is all I can say about it. I have never encountered such and, obviously, I do not have any further experience regarding in-built VR headphone systems. But I have to admit that I did enjoy sound quality.

headphone arm headphones sponge

Z4 Goggles offer the possibility of convenient volume adjustment through the multi-function button (VOL+/-). Personally, I like this solution very much.

volume button


BOBOVR Z4 headset consists of two large convex lenses with a diameter of 40 mm. High quality of lenses is based mainly of a feature of high visual acuity. The vision is slightly blurred near the frame, but all things considered I am totally satisfied with the effect.

lenses size of lenses

Lens can be easily adjusted with the help of knob placed at the top of the device. There is also a possibility of accommodation, i.e. regulation of the distance between lens and the screen of your smartphone thanks to a set of knobs installed on one side of goggles.

lenses regulation winder winder to regulation image quality

The construction of goggles at the point of adaptation to the face is relatively tight – it is as wide as 110 mm – which makes it virtually impossible to use goggles while wearing your regular glasses.

The distance between lens and your eyes is relatively big but this defect is decreased by wide diameter of lens. However, field of vision is really wide. The distance between lens and smartphone is relatively small, which increases FOV considerably. The field of vision is spectacular – thanks to this feature the feeling of immersion in virtual reality is very real. If only the distance between lens and eyes was smaller, the vision would be unbeatable.

Full FOV is possible even while using phones with 5.2” screens – which is an impressive result.

Summing up

BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality Glasses are made from high quality PET materials. They are characterised by unique design and well thought out system of secure phone insertion. One of the main features of this Goggle is the fact that they are equipped with headphone integrity system with easy-to-operate volume regulator. The distinctive function of Z4 headset is capacitive button, which is functional and works extremely well. All things considered BOBOVR Goggles offer the advantage of really comfortable use (despite of considerable weight and tight nose gap, which at some point may become really annoying). Z4 Lenses offer extended field of vision, which adds up to the impression that previous BOBOVR headsets were – to put it gently – not extremely well thought.  This time, the constructors have made their best to create top quality product. I think I can honestly admit that this is my favourite VR headset so far. If you look for a decent quality VR glasses, I truly recommend buying BOBOVR Z4 goggles.

Product evaluation

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  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

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