Today I will test for you ColorCross Goggles, manufactured in China. Goggles are fairly similar to Homido ones, but their price is considerably lower… are they worth buying? Let’s find out. 

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VR ColorCross is the cheapest set of plastic goggles available on the market. ColorCross Goggles have been made from light-weight artificial materials. The product weighs barely 165 grams, so it is one of the lightest devices on the market. The construction of goggles involves no additional elements or facilities, therefore you should not expect mechanisms responsible for the adjustment of the distance between lenses or visual acuity by changing the distance between the lens and the screen of your phone. Unfortunately, you can neither find magnet switch nor capacitive button in this headset. However, it has to be stated that the goggles have elastic and quite comfortable head bands, which can be easily adjusted with the help of movable clips.

waga ColorCross ColorCross ColorCross opaski w ColorCross regulacja opasek

ColorCross Goggles have no sponges but their edges are curved, therefore they are rather comfortable and you won’t have to experience this unpleasant feeling of pressure and discomfort while using. Remember, that this product is rather cheap, their price is comparable to Google Cardboard set. It is true that goggles are not top quality product when it comes to the comfort of use, however they are perfectly acceptable for their price bracket. The nose gap is rather tight, therefore your nose is sure to touch the construction of goggles. It may be annoying if you intend to wear them for longer periods of time, however for short sessions it is perfectly fine.

ColorCross nos

Goggles are rather tight, so there is no additional space for regular correction glasses. The width of inner space is 109 mm, which is not good news for people with vision defect.


Smartphone insertion

Smartphone insertion procedure is almost identical to popular Homido headset, however front panel in ColorCross is more flexible which makes it easier to place your smartphone inside goggles. It is true that smartphone insertion is not the most comfortable, but it is still far more safe than the system used in Homido Goggles. It would be really nice if the place of phone insertion was covered with soft padding. Nonetheless, for the time being there is no padding, so you have to be really careful while placing your phone inside goggles.

klapka montaż telefonu montaż z telefonem


ColorCross lenses have usable diameter of 35 mm. The distance between lenses in fixed and cannot be furtherly adjusted. However, taking into consideration the fact that the distance between eyes and the lenses is small, the field of view is really wide.

soczewki wielkość soczewek

If you take into account the fact that they cost no more than several dozens, their quality is really amazing for this price bracket. The quality of vision is really good, just slightly blurred near the frame of the lenses and the maximum FOV can be reached even with 5.0” screens, which is great news for people with smaller smartphones 🙂

soczewki, włączona aplikacja

I must admit that the optics of ColorCross is quite good and the price to quality ratio is really excellent.

Summing up

ColorCross Goggles is a light-weight headset, made from artificial materials. The construction is confusingly similar to expensive Homido headset. The device has elastic bands which are 30mm wide and can be furtherly adjusted. Smartphone insertion is based on movable front panel. Although goggles have no soft padding for the comfort of use, at least there are no rigid edges and the design minimises the discomfort. The optics of ColorCross Goggles is based on two high quality lenses, which deliver quite wide field of view. Taking into consideration the price of goggles, quality of their construction and optics I think that they are worth buying. If you want a cheap and good quality product this headset is a perfect choice, especially taking into account the fact that their price is similar to Google Cardboard set. I definitely recommend them.

Product evaluation

  • Comfort of usage
  • Product quality
  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

Where to buy it ?

If you are interested in buying ColorCross goggles I recomend you this suppliers: