Chinese Fit VR headset is a product made from durable and resistant artificial material (plastic). The construction of virtual reality goggles is very similar to the Samsung Gear VR. The applied optics is good and the goggles are comfortable, handy and light.

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Recently, there have appeared several reviews of VR goggles. We decided to test the equipment such as VR Box, Weebo3D, Modecom FreeHands, Modecom Volcano Blaze, Goclever Elysium VR and VR Bobo. With the exception of Weebo3D, which is impossible to buy anywhere, the rest of these mentioned products is a completely trash. In every single review I tried to be objective and I tried to evaluate the real value of the products, but unfortunately, almost all tests resulted in a negative opinion. That’s because some of you asked me whether I am on the outs with trade VR J. Some of you asked me a question when I will test something, which will occur to be a good equipment. Trust me, I also eagerly waited for this moment. Every single time when I received a parcel with new goggles I eagerly hoped that it would be The Day. Unfortunately, always my hopes turned into a disappointment.

One day I received a parcel with goggles FiT VR. Due to previous experience, I tried not to freak outtoo fast. So after unpacking the parcel, I estimated quickly the appearance of goggles, I installed the phone to the kit, I put my equipment on eyes and … in one moment, my dreams come true! Finally I can announce a full success! Finally it was The Day. It was the first product worth my attention.

Goggles for virtual reality FiiT VR are made from a suitable material. The appearance of goggles is very similar to the Samsung Gear VR, and according to my assessment, they present great. In the kitthere are also included bands with velcros, which we have to attach to the goggles. The goggles have a padding which protects our face from a direct contact with the hard elements. The padding was made of sponge and material similar to fleece which is pleasant in touch. Even during a long usage we won’t feel any unpleasant pressure on our face. Moreover, the material won’t cause any harm or wound. After the game, we won’t have any traces on a forehead as opposed to the other models of goggles (eg. Weebo3D). The material, from which the padding was made, is very pleasant, but I noticed that it startedpilling and leaving small clumps on the structure. To be true, it isn’t a big problem :).

Sponge in FiiT VR Sponge in Fiit VR 2

The bands attached to a kit have to be attached to goggles on our own. Fortunately, it is not difficult nor complicated operation, so for sure everyone will fulfill the challenge. The bands have velcros, so it is very easy and fast to regulate them. The bands are made of 3 wide strips – two side strips and one over a head due to avoid sliding the goggles off our nose. The side strips are made of rubber, which in my opinion should be more flexible, because it is difficult to put it on and it doesn’t match up to our head. That’s because we are forced to adjust the bands quite precisely. The strip over a head isn’t flexible and it doesn’t stretch what causes a big disadvantage. That’s because every user has to adjust goggles’ strips properly before using it. Actually, this is not a problem if the equipment is used only by one person. Otherwise, we need to adjust the trips every single time.

Bands in FiitVR

Goggles FiiTVR have a translucent valve flap which is fixed on hinges. In the inner side of the flap there is soft, thick sponge, which clampers our phone to the walls after closing it. At the beginning, I wasn’t convinced to the solution used by the producer, but as times go by I find that this is the most convenient mechanism I have ever encountered. It’s very simple – you just put the phone to the kit and close the flap and that’s all… Nograpples, no inserting, no gluing. The solution is perfect in its simplicity. Moreover, it is effective and doesn’t cause moving the phone. The translucent flap has a blockade of maximum opening. Thanks to that the installation of the phone is convenient. We put a smartphone on a special non-slip feet, which are regulated to the sides so it will be easy to adjust them properly to the size of our phone. It is easy to install every phone – even with a thick (armored) etwee. After closing the flap we will see a wide gap which provides adequate heat draining.

Fiit VR stand without smartphone Fiit VR stand with smartphone Fiit VR flap, vent

The VR equipment has large 40mm aspherical lenses. At the bottom part of the device there are sliders which allow to regulate the lenses to the sides. Thanks to that we can adjust the optics to our own needs. The lenses are fastened on wringing threads. Whole construction is light, it weighs about 300g, so we won’t experience the unpleasant fatigue and discomfort. In the kit (beyond the goggles) there is an additional frame, which can be mounted behind the flap. The producer doesn’t explain what it is for. However, I think, that it is dedicated to those with smaller phones, and the additional frame covers unused visual field. Thanks to that while looking through the lenses we don’t see a bright space around the screen. The producer wrote in a manual that it is possible to place the phones in size between 4 “and 6.5”, the smartphone can not be larger than 90mm x 175mm.

Fiit VR - additional frame Headset with or without frame

Optics/ FoV

According to me, the visual field is the most important element in these products. So I am very strict when I estimate this part of goggles. Horizon of seen image(FoV) in FiiT VR amounts to 85º, this result we can achievie with 5,6″ screen size. I tested the goggles using Motorola’s Moto X, which has a display with a diagonal of 5.2″. Looking through the lenses I only saw a small black border on both sides (the tunnel effect), what is a great result in comparison with other tested goggles. The lenses are placed close to the screen, so the displayed image is more complete. That’s because we will feel a deeper immersion in the virtual world. The optics may be imperfect, but it is certainly acceptable.

FOV in FiiT VR infographic

Summing up…

The Fiit VR kit contains VR goggles, additional frame which can be placed between the lenses and our telephone, headbands, a manual and a cloth to clean lenses. The construction of the goggles made of an artificial material (plastic) is very resistant and light. The design of headset is very nice. We can compare it to the Samsung Gear VR. The goggles doesn’t have a magnetic or capacitive button, what make it difficult to mana phone during using it (it’s worth considering to buy GamePad). The padding is very soft, pleasant and also breathable, so we shouldn’t experience the fogging up of the lenses. The installation of a phone to the kit is very fast, simple and very convenient –you just have to open the flap, put the phone on special feet and close the flap. The attached bands are inflexible therefore fitting to our head is limited. The used optics may not be the best, but the big lenses and wide visual field (FoV) will allow us to immerse into the virtual reality. As you see, the FiiT VR goggles have disadvantages, but I think that you can wink at it ;). If I am asked whether I recommend the FiiT VR kit, my answer sounds: Yes, because it is a product worth myattention. Surely this model of goggles should be taken into consideration.

Product evaluation

Where to buy it ?

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