Homido is one of the most popular world’s manufactures of VR headsets. Homido Goggles are generally viewed as high quality equipment… But is this really true? Are they really that good? We will examine them thoroughly and provide our own, unbiased review.

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Homido Virtual Reality headsets are made from plastic. It is hard to say something about the design, let’s just say that I am neither impressed nor appalled by their looks… It would be fair to say that they are just average. The weight of goggles is 244 g. The device does not have capacitive button.

homido goggles weight of goggles

Homido Goggles have two side straps and one top strap. Side straps are really wide and flexible. Their inner side of sides straps is covered with a layer of non-slip rubber material, thanks to which they are securely mounted. It is the first time I have encountered such solution and I have to admit that I liked it very much. Side straps can be adjusted with a grapple, but it is not very comfortable, since it can get entangled in your hair easily. In my opinion, Velcro is the best option so far. Homido Goggles used this solution with the top strap. Although it is not elastic, it is quite easy to adjust it to the curves of your head, even after having mounted the goggles.

outside of headband inner site of headband bands regulation top band regulation

Homido headset is fitted with thin (1-cm-wide) soft padding, the primary function of which is to secure the comfort of use. Unfortunately, goggles have one major design fault – there are many hard and rigid edges without any padding. The most uncomfortable part of the headset is the edge which touches the nose. Rigid, plastic element cuts into the area above upper lip causing unpleasant discomfort or sometimes even pain. The way I see it, this question is quite serious, it affects the comfort of use and willingness to return to VR world in a very negative way.

sponge padding and nose hole

Goggles have really big nose gap. Unfortunately, it is so loose that makes it possible for the light to come inside the goggles, having negative impact on immersion. To wide gap traps the nose inside he construction, which causes the occurrence of water vapour on lenses. Fortunately, the problem of blurred vision occurs rather sporadically and water evaporates quickly.  The design of goggles accounts for large air holes. To be fair, they do well when it comes to ventilation, but they are additional source of external light. Inner width of goggles in the point of adjoining the face is 18 mm, therefore it makes it possible to wear them with thin glasses.

nose hole vents

Smartphone Installation

Homido has the dedicated space at the front combined with rigid arm to place the phone.  It is justified to say that smartphone insertion in this model of VR headset is not comfortable at all. Which is even worse, smartphone installation in this model of goggles is dangerous to your smartphone and may cause serious damage. Homido had no intention of taking care of basic safety measures, such as soft padding in the place of phone insertion. Such ignorance resulted in high risk of scratches and other damage. The place of phone insertion is made from hard plastic and involves many rigid edges. The phone is pressed firmly against hard plastic elements, therefore I recommend to be extremely cautious while using this device.

phone instalation phone instalation phone instalation


Homido Goggles have lenses with diameter of 35 mm, secured with rubber seals in the shape of cones. There are three types of cones of different height included in the set. Theoretically, picking up the right cone is helpful to achieve the desirable level of clarity of vision depending on the sight defect of the user. Although I have no vision defects – to obtain optimal clarity of vision I had to use the highest cone intended for farsighted users, which I find quite peculiar.

size of lens  disconnection of lenses lens cones cones without lens

Lens can be moved sideways with the help of knob located at the top of the device. At one side of the device there are knobs which enable to increase the distance between lens and eyes. Manufacturer does not include explanation for such solution, but it can be easily deducted that this helps to achieve the required distance to wear regular glasses while using VR goggles. I would like to underline the fact that other VR sets enable to increase the distance between lens and phone screen, whereas in Homido Goggles the distance between lens and phone is fixed – it is only the location of lens with regard to eyes that can be adjusted.

lens regulation knob lens to eye distans regulation knob

Lens are generally of good quality, however near frames the vision is blurred tremendously. The field of vision is relatively wide, but to be honest, I was not impressed by it. This may result from the fact that I was expecting something really extraordinary. All in all, other editors were thrilled by the amazing optics of this device. To tell the truth, to me it is quite average. Thick frame of the device is clearly visible while using Goggles, which limits the vision considerably. According to our estimation, Homido FOV is not higher than 91°.

FOV Homido

Summing up

Homido VR Headset is a light equipment made from plastic materials, with wide and comfortable head straps. The comfort of use is dramatically decreased by rigid and sharp edges, which cut into our face (mainly above upper lip). One of the biggest faults of Homido Goggles is flawed system of phone installation, which is dangerous to your device, because of lack of any safety measures or scratch protection. FOV is about 91°, so it is good result. Goggles do not have capacitive button, which, according to me, should be a standard at this price bracket. Bearing all the above questions in mind, I would not recommend using this goggles.

Product evaluation

  • Comfort of usage
  • Product quality
  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

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