Chinese Ling VR goggles are praised by many people. I do not understand such positive reviews of this product, because it is impossible to use the goggles. We tested a model Ling VR 1S which means that it is an improved version of the first model.

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The virtual reality goggles LingVR are an equipment made of a high quality plastic. According to my, the appearance of the goggles is great, I really like the white frontal chassis, black back and orange insertions. The goggles are equipped with lenses adjustable on sides and the knob for changing the focus (focal length). The goggles have wide headbands, and a padding finished with fleece material takes care of our comfort.

Ling VR 1S with frame Ling VR 1S unhook frame Ling VR 1S without frame

Unfortunately, the construction of the goggles is misguided. What completely disqualifies the equipment is the socket for the nose, which is too small. All the time the goggles pinched my nose with such a force, that after a few seconds of using I wanted to take them off and throw them in a bin. When I was looking for an information about this problem on the Internet, I was surprised that anybody paid any attention on this drawback. It is terribly annoying and very important issue at least! The construction is very narrow, so a person with poor eyesight won’t be able to use corrective glasses. The VR goggles have air vents, which are designed to reduce the risk of lenses’ evaporation. Unfortunately, during the tests it occurred to me that the lens fogged up. It really surprised me, because Ling 1s were to have lenses coated by “Anti Fog” layer, so theoretically there should not be any fog or steam. Well…

padding in Ling VR 1s vents in Ling 1S

Ling VR has three headbands – two side bands and one placed on top of the head. These bands are connected by a special clip which is comfortable and undetectable during the use, but in my model completely impractical. The clip has a button in the middle which probably after pressing had to unlock the possibility of adjusting the bands. Unfortunately, in my model, regardless of whether I push the button or not, the bands can be quite freely adjusted. The lack of any lock makes it impossible to properly adjust the gut of bands on our head. The clip that has probably had to block it, unfortunately causes that after a few minute of usage the bands become loose and the goggles slip from our face. It is quite possible that I got a defective product and other LingVR don’t have this drawback. But to be true, I won’t be surprised if all of the goggles of this manufacturer have the same deficiency. If you have Ling VR write in comments below weather your goggles also have this problem, it will be a valuable information for all readers.

Bands hook in Ling 1S

Phone’s montage

Montage of the phone in goggles is quite simple. Firstly, we have to remove the frontal flap on which there is the inscription LING VR, and then we have to open the plastic grapple. When we are opening the grapple, we have to be careful for not breaking a nail, because this operation is not very convenient. The material of which the grapple was made is quite resistant. On the other hand it is a plastic which can be broken off because of our carelessness.

frame to montage smartphone close frame with phone in Ling 1S open frame with phone in Ling 1S

The phone is placed on a stand and close the grapple. After the montage, our smartphone is placed very firmly in goggles and there is no possibility that it will move with sudden head movements. The construction of the goggles has nooks on the sides, which allow you to connect USB cable or headphones to our phone

side view


In LING VR goggles there was used aspherical lenses with a diameter of 38mm. The lenses are placed close to the screen and close to our eyes what gives a wide field of view. According to our tests FoV presents as on the scheme below, so for the maximum image it amounts to 86 °.

FOV w Ling VR 1s

FoV is large, but the used lenses very heavily distort the image on the sides. The distortion is so hugethat it’s easy to feel so called VR disease. In addition, the image outside of the central point of focus isn’t sharp what limits the effect of immersion into  the virtual reality. This test proves that a good optics must be composed of several elements: a wide FoV, sharp image over the entire surface of the lens and a low coefficient of distorting the image. Unfortunately, in my case, I felt discomfort during the usage of LING VR.

lenses back Ling 1S Lenses in Ling 1S front view

Summing up

The virtual reality goggles LING VR is an equipment which has a very pretty appearance. The material of which the goggles are made is of the high quality but it also havy, goggles has 335 g of weigh. Attaching the phone is fairly quick and easy. The padding which protects our face is comfortable and headbands are flexible and wide, but in my case with a clip which was working incorrectly, what made adjusting the bands impossible. The large lenses provide a wide field of view, but they terribly distort the image, and do not give a proper focus beyond the focal point. However, the constructional drawback is the worst of all. In this case, the manufacturer has not thought about the appropriate socket for a nose. That’s because we feel much a strong pressure and discomfort, and even a pain. If we wanted to use the goggles without awkwardness, we would have a plastic surgery to remove our nose or made it twist-ff 🙂 Another misconception is the market price of the goggles. In my opinion, it is too high. I don’t recommend purchasing these goggles.

Product evaluation

  • Comfort of usage
  • Product quality
  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

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