In March, the Swedish branch of McDonald’s introduced 3500 pieces of cardboard Happy Virtual Reality Goggles. One piece came to our editorial office, where we tested it for our readers with an indescribable pleasure.

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Recently, we hear more and more about the various companies provide different campaigns  associated with VR technology. The Swedish McDonald’s brand has achieved one of the most successful actions, which gave a beginning for a project Happy Goggles. It is a special Happy Meal packaging, which can be changed into the virtual reality goggles. A pair of lenses with special box, which was slashed properly and perforated, could have been purchased for 4.10 Euro.

To enjoy the goggles of Happy Goggles kit, firstly we have to fold the box according to the instructions printed on the packaging. After eating our delicious Happy Meal we spread the box flatly and we tear elements according to the notches. At this point, our box should look like this below.

folding manual on the box cutted box

Now we just have to fold the box, then insert the element with lens and we have everything ready. However, I noticed, that the box is very delicate and it converts when you try to insert the lenses. I thought about taking the tape and gluing the whole structure, but fortunately I didn’t do this. I’m not a “boxes’ specialist” but it seems to me that it could have been applied better quality of a cardboard, which should have strengthened the structure and caused it more stable.

folded red element element with lenses folding

Inserting the phone doesn’t make any troubles, but remember to slide a phone into a specially designed channel, otherwise the stand won’t be stable, what will cause the movement of the phone in the box.

view from the askance

Unfortunately, in my case I made some minor modifications. An internal capacitive button automatically unfolded what covered a picture in the left lens. I had to use a tape to glue this wretched element. After doing this, everything was all right and the problem would have never appeared again . There wasn’t also any element which would hold a phone in one place when we are moving our head violently on sides. This problem would have been solved by using a small non-slip rubber band placed where there was a base for a phone.

touch button

In the Happy Goggles kit there was used convexo-convex lenses of a good quality with a diameter of 35mm. The lenses give a very wide field of view (FoV), but quite strongly they distort the image on the sides. To level the problem I missed a specially designed QR code. I was quite surprised that there was nowhere QR code. At least, in a project like Google Cardboard it is an obligatory element of goggles.

I was really glad that the McDonald’s product has a capacitive button. Unfortunately, it didn’t work correctly with my phone Motorola Moto X, because it was contacting with my screen all the time whether I pushed it or not. A small modification of the punching die would separate the capacitive button from the screen and everything would have worked as it should. I also missed the side walls which would block the flow of light from the outside. Due to this, we would have achieved a better immersion.

smartphone placed in the box

Summing up

The Happy Goggles project is a really great idea to promote the brand and virtual reality technology. When I was writing this review, I wondered if I’m a proper person to test this type of product, because I always notice some small defects in this product and I don’t focus on the advantages of the project. I think that it is because I tasted most of the VR equipment which is available on the market so that’s because I pay more attention to details. I mentioned some faults of the Happy Goggle. Despite these disadvantages, I still love this product 🙂 I worship when businesses engage in this type of projects and use modern technologies in marketing.

People love VR. Personally, I think that it would be much better if the goggles of McDonald’s did not have to be glued with a tape, the folding was less problematic, and elements such as the capacitive button worked properly. I think that if the quality of the products were higher, people wouldn’t discourage from this technology and they would return to the VR more often. I hope that McDonald’s is pleased with the action which took place in Sweden and now it’s thinking about similar actions in other countries. I also hope that McDonald’s will draw conclusions and improve the product. At least, huge improvements aren’t needed to make the product much better and more pleasant in using.

The product of McDonald’s is a very nice gadget for beginners and a great idea for a brand promotion. I can’t wait when the action will take place in other countries. Bravo McDonald’s.

Happy Goggles kit

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