VRCups are a very interesting gadget of the virtual reality. After affixing it to the screen of our phone it creates a kit of the virtual reality. They are undoubtedly the most unusual VR goggles I have ever tested.

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The majority of my reviews are begun by the words “virtual reality goggles…”. Although in this case the beginning is different because I came across the cups and I am not sure if such a structure should be called “VR goggles”. On the other hand, they have the same functions as Fiit VR , Google Cardboard or other similar equipment.

box of VR Cups

VR Cups goggles are packed in an aesthetic, rounded carton. After removing the lid we will see the cups and a cloth for cleaning the lenses. The cups are made of an artificial material (plastic). On the bottom rim they have a rubber layer which has adhesive properties. In the center part of the cup there is put on a rubber band with an imprinted writing VRCups. In the upper part of the cups there are portions aspheric lenses of the 38 mm diameter.

VR cups kit  The adhesive layer on VR Cups printed band

Goggles’ montage on a phone

Before affixing cups to the phone, you have to clean the screen of your phone. This is very important if we want to maintain proper adherence of the cups on the display. Dirt or greasiness may cause a lover adhesion (strength of the adhesive layer). Unfortunately, the glue is not very strong, so it may happen that the cups peel of the display, so you should hold the phone in such a way which allows to hold the VR goggles Cups additionally.

Then we turn on a VR application, which we want to test. After applying cups to the screen, in case of smaller phones it is not possible to turn on the application manually, because the cups obliterate the access to the screen. Due to this fact, in this case, so you should do it previously. If we want to change the application, we will have to take off the goggles necessarily, click on the screen and re-put the cups on the phone.

VR Cups on smartphone screen

The lenses should be placed at equal distances both from the center of the image and its upper and lower edges. There are some applications showing the bars in the center of the screen, what makes adjusting lenses for the right and left eye much easier. Setting the distance from the top / bottom is more difficult. I did it by trial-and-error. This is not a convenient solution.

The manufacturer suggests that the cups should be set in a way that the sides with the notch ought to be directed towards the center in order to reduce the distance between the lenses.


The used lenses are of a really good quality. They give a very sharp image and a wide FoV, but immersion into the virtual world is not too deep amidst of the open construction.

Summing up

VR Cups kit

Goggles (cups) of the virtual reality are a product with a great design. The quality of the workmanship is really very high. The applied optics give an incredible sharpness of an image and a wide field of view. The product is not very convenient in use, but the idea of this equipment is great and I find it attractive. The rubber band should be cleaned from time to time in order not to lose its adhesive properties. In this case it should be washed under running water and left to dry completely. The VR Cups is a great gadget for companies which would like to give to their clients something unusual. The companies which are interested in the idea will be pleased by the fact that the cups can be personalized on the bands.

band on cup Cup with lens

Personally, I would not purchase VR Cups for my personal usage, but I would be very pleased if I received such a gadget from any company in return of loyalty. The idea of cups is really GREAT.

Product evaluation

  • Comfort of usage
  • Product quality
  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

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