Glasses VR Fold are one of the most interesting plastic goggles for virtual reality in reasonable price, which I had a chance to test. An interesting idea for a minimalistic, collapsible construction. A solid construction, light weight and futuristic design make this product a very cool gadget that can take with you everywhere.

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Tested glasses stand out mostly thanks to its chassis – after collapsing they are very small, so we can put them, for example to the lock-up in a car, to a pocket or to our bag. The size of goggles is their the biggest advantage. We can take them anywhere, because they won’t certainly disturb us. They are very light, so we won’t feel the difference in weight of our luggage. Bellow there is a comparison between the dimensions of Motorola Moto X (5.2 “) and these of folded goggles.

Comapring size of smatphone and VR Fold

Folding and unfolding the product VR Fold is a piece of cake. You just have to draw the flaps back on the sides (on them there are the lenses) and space special plugs which serve as the sides of the glasses, which have to reduce the light and make the immersion effect deeper, i.e. submerging in a virtual reality. Moreover, the glasses are fitted with lenses of a diameter of 42 mm with the possibility of setting their offset. Thanks to that it’s possible to personalize the glasses to our own needs. Adjusting the lenses is comfortable and unproblematic, although I would like to underline that we have to do this step for each lens independently – they are not connected in a synchronic system.

Big lens in VR Fold

After placing a phone in the glasses we can adjust its position to the lenses (up / down) and coapt or avert it of eyes. In this way, we adjust the equipment to the sizes of our smartphone and we will get the proper focus of the image.

Line VR Fold goggles

Due to the simplified construction, the VR Fold goggles must be held in his hands during using it, and unfortunately there is no possibility to attach headbands to them. However, according to our opinion, this product doesn’t need bands because anyhow the product is interesting and worth attention.

Goggles are hitched to smartphone,  and the all construction is kept by a phone. That’s because you must remember to hold your phone, not the goggles. Otherwise, the phone can slide from the grapple and fall down on the ground.

Similarly to kits like Google Cardboard, the equipment can be used regardless of whether we have a smartphone with Android or iOS. It is worth paying attention on the fact that we should have a gyroscope and accelerometer. In the case of the goggles the magnetometer isn’t  required because they don’t have a magnet button. To switch between applications, or to click a button in the VR application we just have to one hand. The structure is open, so there is no problem in squeezing a finger through the lower gap –we have a free and easy access to the screen, thereby easily we will click on the display if necessary.

Using with smartphone

The instruction of using looks like for other VR goggles cooperating with smartphones. We turn on an application of virtual reality, put the phone into the goggles and here it should be payed attention on the plastic graduation, which should be placed there where our screen is divided into halves – in the picture below this is a white line in the middle of the screen. The graduation should draw level with the white line.

Line VR Fold


When we fulfilled the step, we can adjust the distance between the lenses and a phone, their offset and an altitude of the screen. Looking through the lens we move a special scrollbar backwards and forwards. We obtain the optimal setting when the image sharpness is the best. We adjust the placing of the phone in vertical (up / down) so as to place it in the middle of the visual field. An offset of lenses is correct if we don’t feel “ squint effect” when looking through them.

Unfortunately, this product isn’t perfectly polished. Even if you place the phone with a large screen diagonal, there are visible sides of the plastic glasses what destroys the immersion effect and thereby we partially lose the possibility of immersion in virtual reality. Let be realistic, this equipment is not a professional product for VR. It is very interesting “tourist” gadget that could allow to experience virtual reality. We do not get here a full effect of immersion as in case of GearVR, but for the price like his it is impossible to expect the same or more.

Summing up

VR Fold is a great equipment to show somebody what the virtual reality is. This can also be a very interesting promotional gadget. Despite a fairly strong design, a cool appearance and a light construction, it doesn’t give the feeling of complete immersion into the virtual world and breakaway from the reality because of the narrow horizon of the image (FOV), which forms quite a big drawback. However, it will be difficult to find a similar equipment in that price, which will provide a proper immersion.

If you do not want to spend much money and at the same time you want to receive a product that you will easily fold and put in the cabinet or take with you on meeting with friends, I recommend buying this product.

Although this product isn’t perfect in terms of used lenses, we decided that we will recomend purchase this product due to its practical structure.

Product evaluation

Where to buy it ?

Where to buy it ?

If you are interested in buying VR Fold I recomend you this suppliers: