The idea of Vrizzmo was created before the world heard about Google Cardboard. That means that the brand is the first manufacturer of goggles for mobile VR in Poland and one of the first in the world. Did a huge experience help in creating a great product? We start the test.

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Vrizzmo’s beginnings are dated back to 2013. However in May 2014, it was shown the first product of the company to a wider audience. Through the next months new models of VR goggles were being created. A new Vrizzmo Volt had its premiere in January 2016. The model that we test is Volt Mk2 – the improved version of the equipment. A great majority of the virtual reality goggles were made of a material similar to plexiglas. After pulling the Vrizzmo out of the box we will feel a very strong smell, which unfortunately is not very pleasant. I’m not sure but it seems to be the smell of processing the materials of which they were made. This may seem insignificant, but trust me, every person draws attention to it. After a week the smell was still lingering on the goggles and it was strongly felt.

For me, the goggles’ design is completely way-out, they look really great. Matt black elements with red insertions created a masterful combination of a balanced taste. Microvelcros placed in many parts of the goggles not only fulfill their functions by taking care of our comfort and protecting our phone from scratches, but also they have a decorative role, what gives the goggles an additional charm. In terms of an aesthetic, the product was precisely in the smallest details, the final effect is really amazing.

top band and matt ending of goggles band side of vrizzmo goggles

Nevertheless, when we are buying goggles we should not blindly look at the appearance of the equipment. We ought to pay attention to the other very important factors too. One of them is our comfort. In this case, among the others headbands are taking care of it. They may be adjusted with velcros. In this case, Vrizzmo approached to this issue in a different way in comparison with other manufacturers. They used a rigid, inflexible bands. At the beginning, it seemed to me that this solution is not very practical, but as time goes by I found that it is quite comfortable. To get the goggles on we have to stick the equipment to our face firstly, and then put the bands on the back of the head. We should properly adjust the bands, by adapting them to the shape of our head. If we are about buying goggles that will be used by other members of the family, unfortunately we have to reckon with a continuous need of adjusting the bands, due to the fact that they are not flexible and they don’t mould to the head. The solution proposed by the manufacturer is quite comfortable, but after some tests I noticed that from time to time the goggles gently slip of my face.

design of vrizzmo goggles bands

A padding made of a soft and comfy sponge also takes care about our comfort. It works really well. The lenses were mounted in such a way to be as close to our eyes as possible. That’s because the manufacturer had to use the micro-rubber around the rims of the lenses. Due to them we are also protected against sharp edges so they won’t would our faces. Unfortunately, in my case, the construction clampered my nose and eye sockets, thereby finally it led to skin irritation. In my opinion, the microrubber should be softer or the lenses should be further from our eye sockets for not causing a pain by the strong pressure.

sponge padding in vrizzmo goggles padding and lenses

The goggles have cuttings with linchpins for people who are wearing corrective glasses. After taking the padding down we can pull the linchpins down to make it possible to use the device with glasses. Unfortunately, the padding is not designed for glasses so in this case we can’t mount it back, what probably won’t be a pleasant experience for some people. I don’t understand what the manufacturer had in mind when he was designing such an impractical solution.

removable padding spectacles cotter spectacles cotter 2 spectales cotter 3 spectacles cotter 4 spectacles cotter 5

Phone montage

Fixing a smartphone to Vrizzmo Volt goggles is relatively easy. The goggles don’t have a flap or any special grapples, but a kind of a strip with a velcro which is placed in the middle. After putting the phone to the equipment and attaching the strip, the phone keeps tight and even with rapid movements of the head it doesn’t move. The strip holding a phone is stiff. Unfortunately, the solutions of other manufacturers, which I had tested, are more comfortable.  In my opinion flexible strips are much more convenient in use. Despite this inconvenience, the phone montage to Vrizzmo goggles is quick and easy.

The manufacturer added a redeemable frame to the kit, which should be used in case of smaller phones. The additional frame has smaller “windows” and due to this it doesn’t let the light in.

frame replaceable frame

The capacitive button

The great advantage of Vrizzmo Volt is the fact that the manufacturer applied the buttons on both sides of the goggles. After pressing the button, a special frame with a rubber terminal touches the screen of our phone. In this way, we have a control over various functions of the running application. Both buttons work quite reluctantly. During the test with the Moto X (without an additional protection of a screen), the button worked properly. Unfortunately, when I tested the LG G3 with tempered glass screen  the buttons didn’t work.

touch button on a side touch button inside goggles


The Vrizzmo Volt Goggles have a double lenses system. The horizon of an image is very wide due to the very close lenses’ placement to the eyes and a very small focal length (it means the distance from the screen of our phone). The application of four (not two) lenses had a vast influence on a good quality of FoV. An immersion into the virtual reality is really deep, but the lenses distort the image at the edges, what causes an uncomfortable feeling, which is called a VR disease. The discomfort was so strong that after taking off the goggles, the VR disease’s effect maintained up to an hour. I suspect that the defect may be leveled with a proper configuration of the QR code. I also noticed that the lenses have the good focus only in the central point, a delicate swerve causes that the image becomes blurred. When I was testing the goggles even the smallest swerve made that the image lost its focus. Unfortunately, the bands could not afford to keep the goggles on my head so that my eye looked centrally through the center of the lenses. Due to this fact, I had to emerge from the virtual reality quite often and correct the goggles on my head to get the focus again. I have to admit that it was a frustrating situation.

The dual lenses system for Vrizzmo Volt is not cherry on top, but nail in its coffin. Visible diameter of external lenses is 32 mm. The opened construction of goggles causes that dust covered the lenses very quickly and blurring it off wasn’t a piece of cake, because an access to the inside part of the lenses was practically impossible. However, the evaporation worst turned out to be the worst of all! The evaporation of lenses is a fairly common problem with VR goggles. In goggles of other companies this problem occurs sporadically, but in the case of Vrizzmo it always happens. The construction of goggle makes that when you breathe by nose, the steam goes into inner parts of the lenses. The only way to avoid the problem is to clog the nose, but rather none of us will do it. During the tests, I used the goggles for no longer than a minute, because after this time the steam completely hid a picture and prevented me from further observation.

Vrizzmo Volt mk2 - 25 Vrizzmos lenses fog on lenses

FoV in Vrizzmo goggles is really broad. We will obtain the best result by using the display above 5,0” or bigger. In this case, the horizon of image should reach 102 degrees. Below, I present the diagram for the Volt Mk2.

FOV in Vrizzmo Volt mk2

Summing up

The virtual reality goggles Vrizzmo Volt Mk2 are stylistically beautifully finished off. The goggles allow an easy and rapid montage of the phone. The headset is very light, because it weighs just 264g. It is equipped with a comfortable padding which gives a comfort during the usage. The bands are inflexible, but putting them on is quite easy. Unfortunately, in my case, they gently slid off my head, so I was losing the focus of an image. The advantages of goggles Vrizzmo are their capacitive button and a very wide horizon of the image (FoV). Placing the lenses very close to eye improves the optics, but it makes that the goggles press quite strongly on a nose eye sockets, what in my case caused a pain and a skin irritation. But the steam which appeared in lenses after a few seconds of playing disqualified this equipment. After a minute it is impossible to see anything because the lenses are fogged completely. I couldn’t also draw my attention from a very intense odor of goggles.

Vrizzmo Volt mk2 headset with phone Vrizzmo Volt mk2 - 24

In spite of the very huge respect for the team Vrizzmo, which vastly contributed to the development of VR industry, I must be objective and discourage the purchase of the Volt. The product in many respects is truly unrivaled, but a significant drawback of the construction prevent us from a long usage. It’s a pity… However, I believe that the team of Vrizzmo will draw conclusions and they will build another model of goggles that won’t have these drawbacks. Fingers crossed.

Product evaluation

  • Comfort of usage
  • Product quality
  • Phone montage
  • Optics
  • Price

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