Bluetooth controller

Bluetooth controller

Joystick /gamepad is designed for use with smartphones running Android and iOS. The device wonderfully complement each set of virtual reality, which is used to operate the smartphone. We can use it to extend the functionality of goggles like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and many others.



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Product Description

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The gamepad will replace the magnetic or capacitive button and it will also allow to use applications of virtual reality which require controllers.



You just have to connect the device with your smartphone by using Bluetooth connectivity, and you can enjoy the enlarged functionality of your kit of virtual reality.


The set includes user’s manual where you can find step by step instructions how to switch between different modes and what are the functions of buttons.

Suggested settings:

  1. Choose Android or iOS
  2. Hold the button for 1-2 s.
  3. Pair the device with smartphone (Bluetooth list -> Search for Gamepad-> Connect)
  4. Press „@” + „D” simultaneously

joystick mouse mode


Joystick is powered by two AAA batteries, according to user’s you should use it without changing the batteries from to 120 h.


  • light, slim construction
  • large functionality (the ability to switch between different modes)
  • compatibility with Android and iOS systems
  • bluetooth connection

Summing up prepared by our VR expert:

The diversity of functions as well as the comfort of using with one hand (VR mode) are definitely the biggest advantages of this device. I generally recommend this product.

Joystick bluetooth



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