Mini gamepad bluetooth

Mini gamepad bluetooth

A mini gamepad is ticketed for using with smartphones which are wired of Android and iOS systems. The device will wonderfully complement every kit of virtual reality, which is used picking up the smartphone. We can use it to extend the functionality of goggles such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and many more.

This great little product can serve as a pilot in a virtual reality.

Using this device is intuitive and troublefree.




Product Description

Read the review of mini gamepad bluetooth prepared by our team.

The gamepad will replace the magnetic or capacitive button and it will also allow to use applications of virtual reality which require controllers.

Mini Gamepad bluetooth in hand

You just have to connect the device with your smartphone by using Bluetooth connectivity, and you can enjoy the enlarged functionality of your kit of virtual reality.


To connect with ANDROID device you should turn on the pad by holding “a” button (first) and “START” in the same time. If device is working in ANDROID mode the diode will light on blue (red only when battery is low).

To connect with iOS device you should turn on the pad by holding “iOS” button (first) and “START” in the same time. If device is working in iOS mode the diode will light on red (blue only when battery is low). The name of device (on bluetooth list) in this mode should change on “Gamepad_IOS”.

If you turn ON the gamepad only with “START” button it will connect in last remembered mode. To change it you need to turn off, and on again following the instruction above – by holding button “a” + “START” or “iOS” + “START” button.

Suggested settings:

1.Switch to: KEY

2. Paring the controller with a smartphone

4. Pressing “x” + START at the same time (mouse mode)

5. In this mode START is used to click on the aplication icon

Mini Gamepad usb port

The inbuilt battery will allow for more than 20 hours of playing and having fun. After discharging we do not have to replace the battery because the device is charged via USB cable.


  • light, slim construction
  • large functionality (the ability to switch between different modes)
  • compatibility with Android and iOS systems
  • inbuilt battery is charged via USB (working time approximately 20 h)

Summing up prepared by our VR expert:

The device is not super convenient during the single hand working, but instead of that it is possible to get used to it. The equipment run efficiently and it is also intuitive. Certainly, we will use it not only for VR applications, but also to control other functions of the smartphone. The music mode is particularly interesting. There is no better device at this price. However, if you intend to use the pad intensively (not only for the VR, but also ex. for games), you should consider buying a high-end product. Though, if it mainly serves for virtual reality goggles instead of a button on the goggles, there is no better choice than this pad. There is no good in overpaying and in buying expensive controllers to smarphones if the device worth 9 Euro meets your expectations.

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