BOBOVR Z4 (version without headphones)

BOBOVR Z4 (version without headphones)

Goggles BOBOVR Z4 is a product made from durable plastic. Applied optics is great and very comfortable same goggles.

Adjusting the spacing of lenses Yes
Adjust the distance of the lens to the screen Yes
stuff Plastics
Headbands yes, 3-point
Button capacitive
Maximum FOV of 5,2 '
Matching phones with screens 4 “-6.5”


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Product Description

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  • plastic, solid construction
  • headbands
  • Compatibility with phones 4.7 “- 6.2”
  • adjustable, large lens diameter of 40 mm, providing a large field of view
  • very easy to install phone in goggles
  • comfortable padding
  • the capacitive

Summing up:

Virtual reality goggles BOBOVR Z4 is a product made of high quality plastic. Goggles look very good and are very thoughtful, convenient and secure way to mount your phone. In addition, the goggles have a capacitive button, which works really well. Glasses despite its considerable weight and a small cut on his nose, which can be frustrating are really very comfortable to use. Used lenses give a very wide field of view. Previous models were mildly BOBOVR not thought 🙂 This time, he has learned and created a really great product. At the present moment these are my favorite VR goggles. Absolutely I recommend goggles BOBOVR Z4.


bobo z4 wersja bez sluchawek

The code configuration goggles BOBOVR Z4 smartphone:

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