Headset ColorCross VR is a product made of plastic. Construction of virtual reality goggles is really similar to Homido headset. Used optics is really good. Goggles are also light and cheap.

Adjustable Lens Distance: no

Adjustable Focus Distance: no

Material: plastic

Head Strap: yes, 2 point

Button: none

For Screen Size: 4,5″-5,5″


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Product Description

Read the review of ColorCross glasses prepared by our team.

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  • plastic construction
  • headbands
  • compatybility with smartphone from 4″
  • Max FOV already with 5” screen
  • Lenses size 35 mm, which are providing a large visual field
  • very light construction (165g)
  • cheapest plastic goggles

Summing up prepared by our VR expert:

ColorCross Goggles is a light-weight headset, made from artificial materials. The construction is confusingly similar to expensive Homido headset. The device has elastic bands which are 30mm wide and can be furtherly adjusted. Smartphone insertion is based on movable front panel. Although goggles have no soft padding for the comfort of use, at least there are no rigid edges and the design minimises the discomfort. The optics of ColorCross Goggles is based on two high quality lenses, which deliver quite wide field of view. Taking into consideration the price of goggles, quality of their construction and optics I think that they are worth buying. If you want a cheap and good quality product this headset is a perfect choice, especially taking into account the fact that their price is similar to Google Cardboard set. I definitely recommend them.


gogle ColorCross

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YouTube Video with ColorCross presentation:


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