Fiit VR

Fiit VR

Fiit VR headset is a product made of a durable plastic. The construction of virtual reality goggles is very similar to the Samsung Gear VR. Applied optics is good and the goggles are comfortable and light.

Adjustable Lens Distance: yes

Adjustable Focus Distance: yes

Material: plastic

Head Strap: yes, 3 point

Button: capacitive

For Screen Size: 4″-6,5″

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Product Description

Read the review of FiiT VR glasses prepared by our team.

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  • plastic, solid construction
  • headbands
  • compatibility with phones 4″ – 6,5″
  • adjustable, large lenses of a diameter of 40 mm, which are providing a large visual field
  • an easy montage of a phone in goggles
  • a comfortable padding
  • a light construction(300g)

Summing up prepared by our VR expert:

The Fiit VR kit contains VR goggles, additional frame which can be placed between the lenses and our telephone, headbands, a manual and a cloth to clean lenses. The construction of the goggles made of an artificial material (plastic) is very resistant and light. The design of headset is very nice. We can compare it to the Samsung Gear VR. The goggles doesn’t have a magnetic or capacitive button, what make it difficult to mana phone during using it (it’s worth considering to buy GamePad). The padding is very soft, pleasant and also breathable, so we shouldn’t experience the fogging up of the lenses. The installation of a phone to the kit is very fast, simple and very convenient –you just have to open the flap, put the phone on special feet and close the flap. The attached bands are inflexible therefore fitting to our head is limited. The used optics may not be the best, but the big lenses and wide visual field (FoV) will allow us to immerse into the virtual reality. As you see, the FiiT VR goggles have disadvantages, but I think that you can wink at it ;). If I am asked whether I recommend the FiiT VR kit, my answer sounds: Yes, because it is a product worth myattention. Surely this model of goggles should be taken into consideration.

virtual reality goggles FiitVR

Configurate smartphone and FiiT VR goggles with this QR code:

Fiit qr kod configuration

YouTube Video with Fiit VR presentation:


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FiiT VR 2n

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 15 cm


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