Review: BoboVR Z4

As you are probably aware, my latest experience with Bobo VR was not entirely positive. Bobo VR Z3 Virtual Reality Polarized Glasses, which I had been testing a while ago, happen to be one of the worst VR products I have ever used. Did the company learn their lessons and the new Z4 VR headset [...]

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Review: FiiT VR

Chinese Fit VR headset is a product made from durable and resistant artificial material (plastic). The construction of virtual reality goggles is very similar to the Samsung Gear VR. The applied optics is good and the goggles are comfortable, handy and light.   Recently, there have appeared several reviews of VR goggles. We decided to [...]

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Review: Mini gamepad Bluetooth

Mini gamepad bluetooth In general, this controller has very similar functions as PAD Bluetooth which was described recently. This one is much smaller than joystick mentioned before. It has 6 buttons. In comparison to previously tested PAD Bluetooth, this model lacks of 2 upper buttons, which are used in VR mode, but because of the [...]

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Review: VR Fold

Glasses VR Fold are one of the most interesting plastic goggles for virtual reality in reasonable price, which I had a chance to test. An interesting idea for a minimalistic, collapsible construction. A solid construction, light weight and futuristic design make this product a very cool gadget that can take with you everywhere.   Tested [...]

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